Android 9 Pie, now available for Google Pixel phones

According to the reports reaching us from our sources, Google has announced that the final, shipping version of the newest Android update is ready and available for all Pixel phones. The name of this version is “Android 9 Pie.”

In May, the features of the new Android OS were revealed. Some of these features are a “Digital Wellbeing” dashboard, a new gesture-based navigation system, as well as other AI-enhanced developments made to the UI. There are also little unobservable improvements that were made to the software and one of them is a new status bar designed to better support notches.

Although, the official release of this OS will not have all of the features that Google announced during its I/O. some of the features that will not be included are the Digital Wellbeing feature, the usage dashboard, the app times, and the “wind down” setting for when the user goes to sleep. Rather, these features will be provided as a beta for Pixel users as quickly as possible. The official release will be in the fall; according to Google, “Android One and other devices” are “coming later this year.”

Another feature that will be missing is “slices.” This feature allows the functionality of apps to be provided in search. For instance, typing in a command in an app in the main search will provide that button of the actual app. Google states that this feature will be available in the fall also.

Google says Android 9 will first be made available to Pixel users before any other phones as usual. Be that as it may, the company has a chance to make the update available to other phone manufacturers in time.

The Android 9 Pie system has a more developed battery management system which is powered by artificial intelligence according to Google. App actions make common app actions appear as buttons in the core Android launcher. Text selections has improved to a high extent with a magnifier and smart text selection. The only hack is that the new gestural navigation system is more polarizing.

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