Facebook spices Instant Games program with fresh features

Facebook Instant Games platform gives room for the playing of such games as Pac-Man in either messenger or your news feed. Facebook has also made specific kinds of upgrades that are noteworthy. Among them is an immediate broadcast option that allows users to broadcast any game they are playing to other users via live-streaming on Facebook. The motive for these upgrade is to get users to spend and enjoy their time on Facebook not just on chatting but also in other fun activities.

The video streams are recorded so that a user if he/she so wishes can upload them to his/her profile.

Facebook is also experimenting on creating a video chat for selected games and this is aimed at connecting to friends while playing such games and even start up a new game from within a video call. The version of messenger titled Words With Friends will be the first to make use of this feature in the year 2018.

A year after its launch, Facebook claims that Instant Games has over 70 titles available. However, the amount of people who play these games remain vague as well as the stand on how worthwhile it is for developers. It has not been too long since Facebook added monetization options (it only just started in October). In the few months to come, Instant Games will have added to it a few number of well-known game titles that will be “reimagined” for the program. These include; Angry Birds, Disney’s Tsum Tsum puzzle game, Sonic Jump, and Puzzle & Dragons.

These additions bring about the suggestion that popular brands and mobile-style feels are performing quite well on the platform, which was admittedly an unsure feat by Facebook at the time of launch. Leo Olebe, Facebook’s director of global games partnerships informed the Verge that, “We’re going to find out as time goes by what works on the platform.”

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