You now have two heads as fresh Cortana for iOS update introduces ability to remember things

Microsoft is entertaining us with a fresh feature as to its voice-controlled virtual assistant Cortana on iOS. This update brings in the spice of allowing the digital assistant to remind you of things. What this means is that, you have a second unfailing memory with your Cortana as you can now instruct it to remember things like where you had possibly had left your keys or just anything noteworthy. This update to the 1.9.0 editions rolls in an enhanced feedback input sensation.

If you remember Cortana for iOS as well as for Android had their launch back last year December. Trailing that time till now, the app has enjoyed several counts of upgrades spicing it up with new features.

Just some time this 2016, Microsoft unveiled a number of new features for Cortana on Windows; asserting that the virtual assistant now boasts the capacity to “pro-actively make suggestions” for users in course of the day; suggestions in the likeness of buying lunch or even as mere as making arrangement for transportation.

I really like this remembrance Cortana stuff; especially if as it would easily remind me of very flimsy things that are sure to leak out of my memory.

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