You can now post in several languages at once via Facebook’s new multilingual composer

In no time, another skill will be added to your online tools bag. Facebook is building you a bigger online auditorium as your Facebook audience is ramping up now that you will be communicating in several languages. Soonest, you will be able to make posts on Facebook in multiple languages making use of an innovative automatic translation feature. The feature tagged “multilingual composer,” borrows you the ability to compose a post in one language and then make a choice of added languages in which you prefer having your post published in.

You can now post in several languages at once via Facebook's new multilingual composer

So what we are saying here is when you compose a post in English, but then choose to publish it in German, any of your friends or followers who enjoys Facebook in German would have the German version of your post. The new composer has a wide operating broadband spanning across the 45 languages which at present Facebook translates.

Facebook initiated the testing phase of this feature some time at the beginning of this year, working it on business pages. A number running into 5,000 pages have tried their hands on the composer, with the posts enjoying 70 million views daily. Of those, a fraction of them amounting to 25 million posts were viewed in a secondary language, Facebook reveals.

“This will not only help people communicate better across diverse groups that speak many languages, but will help train and improve our machine translation models as we gather new data in less common languages — moving us closer to the vision of removing language barriers across Facebook,” the company said.

In the situation where you speak multiple languages, you will enjoy the added ability of editing Facebook’s translations prior to publishing a multilingual post. As to the version of a multilingual post Facebook displays to you, the company plans to make use of your language choice, where you’re posting from, and which language you have a habit of posting in.

To access this feature, simply proceed to language preferences in your account settings after which you can click “post in multiple languages.”

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