Your Websites Doesn’t Need all the Trendy Design Out There

In a bid to make your website more appetizing, you might award every new popular design a ward in your website, making your website almost an appalling concoction of irrelevant designs. We must bring to mind that some of these seducing flashy features end with their beauty and barely contribute their hands to the working desk- making them almost useless as regards customer experience. It is true that some of the trendy designs that are flashed around in alluring parcels could be very tempting, but if we don’t wield strongly the keys to our websites, they could become a free entry refugee camp for all this kind of irrelevant designs. Let us take an objective look at them.


Mobile First

Companies are very much aware of your exciting faithfulness to your smartphones and the jealous company you could be offering it. As such they (especially social media sites like Facebook, Twitter) are ready to invest in your mobile attention hence introducing the “Mobile first” design trend is a spicy catch for now. Yet you shouldn’t be coerced into developing a mobile app when it is not going rhyme with your website.

Taking NerdWallet for case study, 33% of their traffic is from tablets and phones, a big bounce from 20% last year. Despite this, the website depends deeply on tables and charts, which really aren’t suitable for smaller screens. In addition to this, if your website is similar to NerdWallet accommodating plugging in data to drink the information they thirst, a laptop is their best choice on this. Though we could admit that the industry is getting an inclination to mobile apps, doesn’t make it a strict medication we need now. Don’t really follow this trend when you have a paradise waiting for you to stand on.

Be Conscious of Your Business and Target Audience

Your targeted client zone must be one business deity you must always worship. You shouldn’t jump into a boat when the guy paddling doesn’t have the same destination in mind as you do. This is fundamental to building a good website. The New York Times is very ideal for mobile apps as readers could from the comfort of their smartphones access it. If your business outfit has a larger chunk of youthful audience, getting mobile apps could help as youth feel more comfortable on their smartphone screens than their desktop’s. If a mobile dimension is calculatedly healthier for your website, so why not? A responsive design is worth consideration also, a strategy that effectively optimizes the presentation of your website depending on if the user is from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Responsive Design

While the “mobile first” trend gathers momentum, the argument prevailing responsive design rising higher on the thermometer. Websites like are strict adherents of it –there are equally booming platforms that aren’t engaged in this mobile first movement.

Airbnb is the limit for this search. The largely famous vacation rental business just a while ago worked on their websites their without inviting responsive design to the new party. Such that if a user approaches the site from a mobile device, he is immediately relegated to the separate mobile site. This was an intentional promotion campaign for their mobile app. What ever the objective, the absence of responsive design on Airbnb’s desktop website obviously hasn’t removed any zeroes off their ledgers. Responsive design, much like going mobile, isn’t an autocratic compulsion. Put on your earpiece when the trend gets too loud and be dedicated to what works best for you!

Parting thoughts

Any change that is worth implementing in your website should bring one helping arm to your website and serve your website better. Ease-of-use helps more than just flash and pizazz. If a search toolbar would help your users walk across your website easier, why not worth building? Don’t let the flashy effects override its efficiency, because at the tail end of it, the services shouldn’t only be appreciated by their eyes only- but their hearts also!

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