Quit Like Button to Make Facebook Work Better for You

The like Facebook button is just one silent lip with which to say “this is nice”. But now this nice button is learning some bad manners. The like button shows our appreciation for content and now it also helps us place requests for unsolicited updates.

Facebook Like Button

It was discovered that Facebook’s algorithm tends to interpret your personality from your likes, synchronizing your taste from your choices on the like button.

Mat Honan, a Wired writer discovered that when one likes everything that Facebook feed pops up, his updates became a public notice board where updates on publishers and their brands were pasted. And, reading from what he had liked most recently, Facebook’s algorithm executed inferred recommendations from his predicted political disposition, nourishing him sadly with extravagant numbers extremely left-wing or extremely right-wing posts. It was provoking when Honan’s new “friends” tweaking his friends’ feeds- buying them first class spots; such that they get perspectives gets a darker countenance.

Then when Medium writer Elan Morgan tried the reverse exercise, were on the very far end of the other side of the fence. She didn’t click the like button at all rather she conveyed her acknowledgement in well crafted words like “What a gorgeous shock of hair”. By doing this, her facebook became her own limited edition, customize for her only and for her conversations- making the interactive atmosphere more serene! As such, it could be read that if you stop liking without discrimination, marketing firms find your space too personal to drop some advertising luggage.

Once I removed the Like function from my own behavior, I almost started to like using Facebook,” Morgan wrote, concluding:

Give the Like a rest and see what happens. Choose to comment with words. Watch how your feed changes. I haven’t used the Like on Facebook since August 1st, and the changes in my feed have been so notably positive that I won’t like anything in the foreseeable future.

Not so secretly, I think the humanity and love, the kinder middle grounds not begging for extremes, that many of us have come to believe are diminishing in the world at large are simply being drowned out by an inhuman algorithm, and I think we can bring those socially vital experiences back out into the light.

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