You can now upload photos alongside reviews on Google Maps for iOS

Traveling against the clock back through my years, I remember when becoming a typist was a honorable ambition. Back that time when people appear on TV to show they are missing so their relatives could reach them. Then when the said missing people struggled to keep a smile off their cheeks for finally appearing on television despite the reason with a feeling of stardom burgling into their mind that they expect people to ask them for autographs. At least for appearing on TV!

You can now upload photos alongside reviews Google Maps for iOS

Fast forward till today, the story of missing and being lost is an abomination. Most especially with Google Maps. If you have not heard it Google-Maps is a Web-based service that gives you candid geographic details where you are physically in the world. This way you can navigate your way through the thickest ghettos in the country without getting lost in anyway. Google Maps gives you basic street maps, terrain maps, even enabled with satellite images.

And now Google is pushing out a fresh new update to its Maps app on iOS, improving it to version 4.23.0. The update presents a delicious plethora of changes, along which is the ability for to upload photos alongside reviews.

In face of this update, you now have the capacity to upload photos even with their reviews of places. The updated app now has the capacity to display descriptions of places in finer details even telling you about atmosphere, features, and amenities. The update will also present “iOS 10 support.


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