Check these juicy Snapchat updates and how you can enjoy them

Snapchat is introducing a collection of very delicious changes to the Stories feed. These very changes will display updates from your friends back to the top. This will go a helpful distance in cutting down on the congestion of the feed by giving you the avenue to make a playlist of friends’ stories which you can watch.

Snapchat is not resting at all

Snapchat has already started the procedures of rolling out the changes. This starts with demoting Discover pages. Discover, as we know it mixes text and video stories from famous publishers. Discover will now have its appearance relegated below your friends in the Stories feed. The Discover pages which you have subscribed to before will now display right under your friends; and then the ones you have not subscribed to will be displayed under those.) It is possible to reach Discover in its own tab straight on the right of the Stories feed, though I don’t personally like that section.

So now you have the option of adding stories especially stories from your friends to a playlist. When you want to add a story from your pal, you will have to do is tap the thumbnail of the story to the left of your friend’s name. So when you are through selecting the friends, you can now touch the play button which will now show up at the bottom of the screen. Rather remarkably, stories in this feed will be monetized in the same way we had in auto-advancing stories — such that we could have interstitial ads appearing within some of the stories. Snapchat will equally display to you post-roll ads at the end of the stories of each individual user. It doesn’t matter if you have added them to a playlist or not.

From what we have at present, we can’t say story playlists are persistent. In the case where you choose to watch stories from say 10 friends on a daily basis, you will then be required to manually assemble the list every time. Snapchat is not really leaking much on the plans it has in the warehouse for us, but I suspect that in time you could add the stories of your best pals in a single playlist which will show on top of every other thing.


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