A replaced Samsung Note 7 reportedly catches fire on US plane

For some time now, the smartphone world has been at loss after the much anticipated Note 7 came out with a battery that explodes. After series of cases of exploding Samsung Note 7s, Samsung made a bold move to recall and replace all its Note 7 sold.

A replaced Samsung Note 7 reportedly catches fire on US plane

The replaced Note7s were to have a box having the black square to confirm that it is a replaced unit indicating that it had a good battery which was not likely to catch fire.

We were once again rocked with shock when we discovered that a US Southwest Airlines passenger by the name of Brian Green who had a replacement Note7s, still saw his replaced Note7 burst into flames as he awaited his flight.

Going by Green said, he had acquired the Note7 from an AT&T store last month 21st. The box according to him had the notable black square showing it is a replacement unit as such well ridden of the infamous faulty battery. He went on to say the phone also had the green battery icon which Samsung uses to confirm that it is a post-recall Note 7. Green had switched off the Note 7 as the phone had 80% charge on the instruction of the flight crew. Rather shockingly the Note 7 started smoking, prompting Green to drop with the phone on the floor with the people on the plane evacuated. In the words of Green it was a “thick grey-green angry smoke.”

A replaced Samsung Note 7 reportedly catches fire on US plane

The phone went on to burn through the carpet on the plane, resting on the metal beneath. This is very bad for Samsung although we can’t rule out the possibility that a phone is liable to explosion owing to it being faulty or damaged. Thus it must not be strictly associated with the case of exploding Note 7s.

All the same this is tearing the reputation of Samsung to shreds. This is surely going to hamper the trust of its customer base. It is going to really take time for people to be wash their head off the bias that the Note7 is an exploding phone.

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