You all can now enjoy end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger; how it works

Just some months ago, Facebook began working around encryption; testing its indigenous end-to-end encryption in Messenger. Facebook recorded measurable success in the additional opt-in security feature as such Facebook is now extending it live to all its 1 billion users on board the social network.

In similarity to WhatsApp, another IM company which is already offering the feature, Messenger employs the services of Signal Protocol designed by Open Whisper Systems. So as to enter into an end-to-end encrypted chat with any one you intend chatting with, you will have to start what Facebook terms Secret Conversation with that very individual you intend chatting with. You can reach this option by pressing the name of the person in any normal conversation.

Basically, the Secret Conversation is very much different from any other communication holding between the chat parties. In more details, this feature is only available from a single device as such you will not be able to sync it across your clients. According to Facebook, this is a strict necessity to protect the cryptographic security of the messages which Facebook asserts itself can’t even supervise or access.

When you are in a Secret Conversation, you will loss the ability to send videos and GIFs. Although sharing pictures still retains its functionality as well as stickers. There is an additional spice here, you have the option of also setting a self-destruct timer on your messages, whose duration can be between five seconds to 24 hours.

As we have already said, this end-to-end encryption is now within the reach of every of user of Messenger. Yet it is optional and to enjoy this feature, you need the most recent version of the Messenger app.

Although many of us here would simply prefer keeping with our normal unprotected communication medium. But, then the awareness that you have the safety net of such encrypted security is one added layer of confidence.


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