How can I make Siri in iOS 10 tell me who is calling me

Now let us take a case you are driving in a heavy traffic lane, and your phone is some distance away from you in your car. Then a call comes in and you can not afford to take your eyes of the road. You would really want to know the person calling, estimate the importance of the call and know whether you should pick it of not.

One difficulty sure to be experienced by any person who has been trapped at one time or the other in such scenario is that if it is an important business partner, you will strive to dodge. And then in the worst case, if it is your landlord, you know you will have to skip it at least till you finish driving.

A sound technology on iPhones operating the iOS 10 is that the Siri has the capacity to inform you of the identity of the caller. This way you can instruct Siri to carry out a particular task. In this case rather than fumbling, making strong attempts to stretch across for your smartphone, Siri will conveniently tell you who is calling.

In this guide, we will show the small procedures turning on this feature. To begin with, you will have to launch the Settings on your iPhone after which you could click o “Phone”.

There where you have the Phone settings, simply click the button that reads “Announce Calls”.

At this point, three choices are opened to you. One is the option of telling Siri to every time let you know who is calling. But considering this on a larger extent, this may be over revealing in public setting. Thus this feature gets more delicious at home.

Despite the lovely strength Apple has largely sunk in the iOS 10 Siri, we can’t but admit that this feature crowns its place as far more than those casual features but then its effectiveness is deafening and well pronounced when you are private preferably at home.


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