Google will be giving Pixel phones owners 24/7 live support coupled with screen sharing

It is no mincing of words that the most recent Google phones making the waves now; The Pixel and Pixel XL are no cheap phones at all. They proudly assume the category of high end phones well targeted at providing formidable rivalry for the iPhone and Galaxy devices at the helm of the smartphone market.

It also makes sense that Google admits these devices can make a wallet lose pounds both in currency and weight. Thus Google is officially declaring that it will give these phones a deserved mark of distinction, Google would provide live support for owners all hours of a day for the 7 days a week. This is to be executed in form of chat form or some in call such that users of these recent Google devices have the avenue to possibly share their screen in real time with support agents . Some time ago, Amazon has made a similar move and in pure similarity with Fire tablets, this is obviously targeted at providing assistance for non-technical users.

This kind of consumer-focused initiative is not a typical culture of Nexus device, which has still held on tightly to developers’ focus despite the reality Google made unsuccessful attempts to bless them with an expansive more mass market appeal.

For now we will have to really exercise patience prior to the launch of the new phones to get a confirmatory picture of how smooth the live support as well as the screen sharing feature works.

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