You can now live stream 360-degree videos on YouTube

Google had introduced 360- degree live streaming to YouTube. Also to come would be a spatial audio support to accompany the 360-degree video development.

You can now live stream 360-degree videos on YouTube

You can now live stream 360-degree videos on YouTube

This spatial audio support for 360-degree video would not be live but rather on demand. The implication of this is that the audio would sound to you like it is coming from a natural source either behind you, in front of you or beside you.

For developers who intend to integrate the 360-degree livestreams into their very service or app, Google has made available the Live API. Although Google is introducing some restrictions as to the LIVE API as the company intends to limit it to hardware manufacturers producing 360-degrees cameras.

Referring to YouTube’s newest feature which is the live-streaming, 360-degree video. “Now anyone, with just their phone, can have that front row experience without having to be there,” says Neal Mohan who is the chief product officer at YouTube.

Support for Live 360 would be majorly discussed at the upcoming Google’s I/O conference which is to hold next month. In this meeting it is greatly anticipated that Google would unravel its plan for the next generation of virtual reality on Android. Of course we would welcome any low-income virtual reality feature on our android somewhat between Samsung’s Gear VR and very much costlier devices like the Oculus. I really would love to watch El-Classico matches like I’m in the stadium from my sitting room on my phone via this virtual reality experience. So I hope from YouTube, Google extends it to Android soonest.

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