LinkedIn To Tell Students What Awaits them

There is little argument that LinkedIn has sponsored the funeral rites for most professional go-to social networks thus confirming its royalty as the site where professionals meet professionals. But now, LinkedIn eyes are getting bigger as it eyes a younger capacity: precisely students with its app that it is launching.

LinkedIn To Tell Students What Awaits them

LinkedIn To Tell Students What Awaits them

Soon coming to iOS and Android, LinkedIn Students will give us college guys a clear look into the possible future our degrees hold for us when we graduate.
The app will make suggestion on the grounds of your education bringing forth job listing results for your chosen career path as well as career consultancy through means of a card-based interface.

So when you tell LinkedIn you are studying psychology, the app could suggest to you other paths you could possibly take like becoming a recruiter for a big firm based on your well-groomed sense of human psychology.

The app would also give you the opportunity to rub minds with your alumni or even browse through their profiles. Here you could make inquiries from them even helping you get professional mentorship.

Ada Yu, a senior product manager at LinkedIn said, “This is a soft introduction to students who may not know the value of networking and introduce LinkedIn’s value proposition.”
This is surely a vital step by LinkedIn to get woven with younger people also maintain in their relevance to young folks while bringing jobs closer to students.

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