The next Mac OS could be called MacOS

First of, pardon the pun – but it had to be said. Anyways, if you have been paying any mind to Apple and their branding scheme, you would have realized the following, and if you haven’t been paying attention, well here’s a chance to catch up.


When Mac OS 9 was to be succeeded, it was dubbed Mac OS X. Then in 2012, they let go of the ‘Mac’ prefix leaving “OS X” The OS that runs on iPhones and iPads was dubbed iOS in 2010. The Apple Watch runs watchOS. Apple TV runs tvOS. Get it now? They have a particular naming scheme and the only thing that doesn’t fall in place is the Macs.

About the OS X thingy; the thing is Apple  has released different variations of the OS X, Yosemite being the latest (I’m open to corrections). So I think it does follow way that they call it MacOS then just add version numbers; considering the fact that they’ve been stuck with 10 for a while now.

Speaking of 10, did you know next year is the iPhone’s 10th anniversary? Oh well, now you do. The MacOS naming thing might be a small change but it sure is a welcome one. It is expected to be made official at WWDC in June. So, stay tuned for updates.

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