Apple may put OLEDs in tablets and laptops

According to the reports we got from our sources, it appears as though Apple will now be making use of top-notch OLED screens in its devices from hereon in and this is not because the company has to, it is because this might turn out as a way the company can make up for what it owes Samsung Display – the supplier of its OLED screens, right after the company failed to purchase enough iPhone screens that would match with the original contract they had. Our sources report that the quittance will probably put Samsung’s OLED screens in Apple’s devices that have never had them before now, such as notebooks and tabs.

Sources we have within the phone industry believe that this is one out of the many options that Apple and Samsung may have as regards settling the issues between them, although it is too early to say that that’s what’s going to happen, one must admit that it could be reasonable. Apple employs the use of strong top-notch screens as a characteristic that attracts buyers for its iPhone XS and XS Max, but recent events have shown that sales of iPhones have been on a decline and the company would be wise to put those screens in their other product lines.

OLED screens are not just used in mobile phones, they are also used in tablets, notebooks as well, even though none of Apple’s tablets or notebooks have them. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets are given a lot of praise because of their OLED screens, and users all over the world have been held in awe by OLED screens in laptops such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga.

We are yet to get an update regarding the time when we will get to see OLED screens in Apple devices even if the company decides to purchase them. The revisions of the MacBook Pro which according to rumours will launch in 2021 and iPad are said to be making use of mini-LED screens, not OLED and we got this information from Ming-Chi Kuo who has developed a reputation for correct predictions of what Apple has planned. If the information turns out to be valid, and if Apple indeed begins to order OLED screens that are the sizes of laptops and tablets, it is then safe to assume that the MacBook Pro which makes use of OLED screens are just behind.

However, it will be safer to say that an OLED screen will used on the less expensive iPhone XR’s successor, another rumour our sources had heard earlier from Ming-Chi Kuo. The phone will be released next year evidently as well as the first 5G iPhone. Apple states that iPhone XR is the product it has that’s selling the most, therefore if they have an OLED screen in a phone that’s popular and sort of affordable, it will be one way to use OLED in iPhones and meet Samsung’s demands.

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