Google Pay widens its integration with PayPal to online merchants

Google and PayPal have been in a strategic partnership for an ample amount of time now. Both of these firms as at 2017 made an announcement that PayPal would become a method of payment in Android Pay, a service that was later renamed Google Pay. As at 2018, users who added PayPal as a means of payment on Google Pay got the ability to pay for services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Play and Google Store purchases via a PayPal option in Google Pay. Currently, something of that very same nature is now headed to online businesspeople who take on Google Pay on their websites and mobile apps.

While our sources spoke to Google, the company stated that a lot of clients have gotten payment methods saved to their Google accounts even at this time and that includes PayPal because of the integration in 2018. Furthermore, as a result of the integration, businesspeople can subscribe to enable PayPal as a means of payment in their own Google Pay integration which is easy as long as Google Pay has been implemented on their site. The only requirement is a minor code alteration in the list of allowed payment methods. As soon as that is done, anyone who is shopping online and wants to check out with the use of Google Pay, will then have the choice to select PayPal to make the purchase.

What consumers stand to gain from this integration is that there won’t be any need to sign in to PayPal when they intend to use it via Google Pay and by this the amount of procedures one would have to go through just to check out. This can increase conversions and as a plus, consumers will have access to PayPal’s Purchase and Return Shipping benefits. On the other hand, the benefit that online merchants who are also PayPal merchants stand to gain is this; by the time a consumer chooses PayPal through Google Pay, the money will be received by the merchant in his/her Business Account within a few minutes.

It has been many years past since PayPal adopted Apple and Google who were its competitors some time ago, and ever since then, the company has been advancing and making its presence felt since technological companies find out new and better ways to incorporate its services.

The company started to partner with its competitions such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple, Google, Samsung, and Walmart to gain better ground both at POS in retail shops and within well-known mobile wallets that are provided by mobile OS makers such as Apple, Google and Samsung. Now, PayPal works side by side as payment cards in mobile wallets.

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