macOS 10.14 seems to be getting a dark mode

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is almost upon us, and for this reason, it is expected that Apple should release updates for its iOS, macOS, tvOS, and also its watchOS operating systems. According to the report reaching us from our sources, the company seems to have leaked a soon to arrive feature that is on its way to the macOS 10.14. The update happens to be a dark mode.

We got a report from our sources saying that a developer whose name is Steve Troughton-Smith came upon a preview video that is 30 seconds long and displays the development software functioning in a dark mode. As a result, Steve Troughton-Smith made a tweet of a lot of screenshots of the approaching Xcode 10 in a bid to make an exhibition of the setting.

The thing is, we are not saying that the macOS that is available at the moment does not have a dark mode feature because it does, you can find it under System Preferences and General Settings, be that as it may, it only applies to the dock and menu bar. One of our sources made it clear that, adding to the colours of the software which are now darker as displayed in the video, the new feature could be spread out across the whole system. Troughton-Smith also pointed out that from the video, there’s an icon of an Apple News app that can be clearly seen in the dock. There’s also an App Store that has video previews.

There hasn’t been many rumours that say what we are to be expecting with the arrival of the macOS 10.14, but then again, we have seen speculations that there may be a sync between both Mac and iOS apps and also the name for the loop of the operating system which is to come next.

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