You can now enjoy Google Translate in any app on Android 4.2 or newer…iOS adds on offline mode

Sometime ago in 2015, we suffered limitations in the use of Google Translate as we saw that it was greatly exclusive to devices which ran the version 6.0 Marshmallow of Google’s OS. This really brought in large inconveniences to me as I had to upgrade before I could enjoy the services of Google Translate.

You can now enjoy Google Translate in any app on Android 4.2 or newer...iOS adds on offline mode

Thus it is greatly a big addition when the bars were removed with Google taking the bouncers off. Now Google translate is a free party. No 6.0 Marshmallow tickets for the Google Translate party. With the changes put in place now, any device which runs the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or a newer version can get Google Translate working perfectly on it.
So irrespective of the device you are using, should you select a bit of text (which runs across any app on your tablet or your phone), you could get a translation button popping up at once.

So when you tap on it, it will directly open into an overlay which presents to you the translation of the text you have selected at once. No ridiculous protocols anymore, as you can proceed from there without the need to copy the text first, jumping straight at your Google Translate app which quickly makes a translation of the selected text into your language of choice. Of course, this is going to certainly save you a lot of time, ticking in that needed convenience in translating virtually anything you get your fingers on.

….iOS adds on offline mode

The iOS version of Google Translate is now jumping on the train of devices in providing compatibility for offline mode. You don’t even get to be bothered about your data as with 25MB each, you could get as much as done. So now counting all, we have 52 languages supporting this feature is now 52, following the addition of Filipino.

We would be seeing these updates on Google Translate apps coming live for iOS and Android in the next few days to come.

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