Naming Ceremony: Sony to brand all its smartphones “X” until 2018

Owing to Sony’s enigmatic spirit and unique enterprise for challenging ideas, Sony marked the very first devices to use Android. This was way before Google’s mobile OS arrived at the intimidating market share as much as market popularity it enjoys as of the present day.

If you have been in tune in the passing years, you will note that so many numbers as well as a good amount of letters have been chosen uniquely for distinct smartphones. The latest we have in this trend is the Xperia Z, Xperia M as well as the Xperia C. Now going by recent reports, we could be having only one spot mark: X.

Xperia Blog has made a selection of a story which is blaring through Asia as of now. This story brings to light Sony’s alleged arrangements to streamline every of its Xperia handsets , bringing them into the fold of the “Xperia X” branding.

Now if this holds then certainly we have seen the end of the Z. This would as well spell termination for the M and the C. This new naming move would hold for two years which bring us to 2019. Sony intends this to define a new phase of operations.

It appears the change to X would trigger off “Xperia for new communication”. This is denoted as ‘Xperia X’ as marking a fresh visual identification mode for Sony’s brand communication. This new ‘X’ logo will find judicious use in every TV advertising as well as promotional print.

Sony bad for a Sony naming ceremony.

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