Tutorial: Automatically Deleting Junk Photos in your WhatsApp

Have you experienced the soberly inconvenience of your WhatsApp account being stuffed up with memes, unhelpful motivational quotes, as well a garbage can of junk images which at their best are chopping up your phone’s memory unnecessarily?

Tutorial: Automatically Deleting Junk Photos in your WhatsApp

In this tutorial, we present a very cool stress-free means to delete at once every needless content. It is a possible reality that WhatsApp takes the bulkiest space on your mobile phone; even mine. Now we do have friends as well as family people who yearn to reaffirm their bonds to us by incessantly forwarding every one of motivation quote and meme they had gotten from their own network. It is quite unfortunate some feel it is their responsibility to start our day for us with a “good morning” message which is escorted distastefully with photos of chirping birds and rising sun.

The larger bottleneck associated with WhatsApp is the sad reality that these messages which now are more like span have their sources from from contacts who really share close ties with you in real life. With this ties now shackles, it becomes pretty difficult blocking them as this could be perceived as rude. There is the alternative of muting WhatsApps groups but then the downloaded images would not still stop taking up very crucial space on your mobile phone.

One very easy remedy here would be opening your Photo Gallery app on your Android phone. You could as well make use of a File Manager app for the purpose of accessing the media folder of WhatsApp. When you have located its you could proceed to delete the full folder which houses these WhatsApps images. Now for the fact that WhatsApp doesn’t recognize the disparity between vital and wasteful photographs, you now stand the risk of deleting your nice pictures as well.

So now the question is: are scrap WhatsApp images stuffing up your phone’s memory?

Now I will introduce one simple startup Siftr which curiosity really led me to. This Siftr which is actually startup which was built by former employees of Adobe. These guys initiated the launch of this very smart Android App which is very helpful in disposing all these aforementioned junk photos from your WhatsApp with no stress at all.

No fantasies here, it is all deep reality. This app, Magic Cleaner, executes the scan of the media folder of your WhatsApp app, and at once would fish out all these discomfiting basket of images which span across memes, screenshots, video screen grabs,as well several other pictures which carry overlay text. You will now have the option of deleting all the images detected at once.

Want to know how this operates ?

Tutorial: Automatically Deleting Junk Photos in your WhatsApp

Just in resemblance with Cloud Vision, Google’s image recognition API, Siftr has gone about bringing out their indigenous image recognition engine which analyses the vitality of the content of an image to tell if it is not junk or if it is. It makes use of the services of an active Internet connection. The reason been that the image analysis is carried out on Siftr servers which is quite different from when such analysis was carried out locally on the mobile phone. Fear not for your data plan, this app would upload only a small hash of the image and then tries to compare it against their very images in their database.

So when you run the photo cleaner app against a WhatsApp account even with such heavy capacity of images running into say 3000 images, you could be shocked at how impressively the app would clean your account up in 10 minutes and very successfully. I must admit this is pretty smooth. You don’t have to pay for the app, just that in single run you will only be able to delete quite a restricted number of images. Should you want to carry deleting more images, all you need do is invite a friend to use the app or possibly wait the span of a day.

Well, I think you will find this Magic Cleaner really interesting if you run WhatsApp. Although I have not really seen the version for iPhone version, I learnt it is coming very soon. One thing I should add here is that despite the fact that the WhatsApps images are deleted from the memory card, you still have blurred thumbnail existing inside your WhatsApp message logs, so the little job for you is erasing them manually.

With this, I am sure you are going to sip your relief from all these junk messages which greedily drink the fun out of WhatsApp.

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