More “Maggi” from WhatsApp: WhatsApp testing video call feature

WhatsApp has established itself as the leading mobile chat app boasting billions of users. But WhatsApp knows too well the weight of such dangling laurels, knowing adequately that such edible juicy success need to be well “refrigerated” hence WhatsApp is always warming itself with up updates so it doesn’t lose its hot refreshing chat taste.

More "Maggi" from WhatsApp: WhatsApp testing video call feature

And now, reports reaching us vehemently support the fact that WhatsApp is testing video calling feature for its social messaging app. A beta version of the app (v2.16.80) has been seen which presents the video calling feature. The fresh out the block beta app gives access to video calling function from the call icon. But as of now, it is not really working yet. What we have now is the availability of the functionality being restricted to beta testers from Google Play’s beta testing program.

So when you click on the call button, what you will have is the option for voice and video call. But when you choose the option of a video call, the app greets users with a message reading “Couldn’t place call. Video calling is unavailable at this time.”

At the moment, it is fair to say the feature is practically not working. But what I’m sure is the toning effect this feature would have on the complexion of WhatsApp. It would definitely improve the attraction of WhatsApp against rival messaging platforms. Officially WhatsApp owned by Facebook already enjoys 1 billion monthly active users. But more is allowed.

Of late, we have seen WhatsApp adding a string of delicious recipes like document sharing some end-to-end encryption. If we go further on rumours, then it is very possible that WhatsApp has its hand working on a voicemail support and call back feature.

Very ambitious from WhatsApp, are they hoping to get spirits chatting on WhatsApp too?

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