Lenovo could unveil two sizes of the next Moto G

Still remember the days of Motorola? It is one of the most unfortunate grace to grass stories we could tell of how far Motorola descended from the spotlight into the darkness. And now the name “Motorola” could cook jitters for Tom Cook of Apple as it shows that the top is more a theater of war than of glory for the top is a big hot seat well supplied with the blazing heat of competition. One little mistake you drop down from a novelty to tech sewage just like Motorola.

Hmmmm sorry about that moving on to those days when Motorola was booming, you would surely remember the “Moto G” as it happened to be one Motorola’s most popular phone. And now Lenovo is building on the past success and clamour of the Moto G as leaks show Lenovo is planning the next Moto G top be offered in two sizes. So one of this could come with a larger “Plus” model with the essence of making it adequately sophisticated to enter into competition with the flurry of existing phablet-sized Android phones.

Going by reports and leaks, the Moto G is different from the “Plus” version in that it is deficient of a physical home button. We have seen that square-shaped button on leaked photos of the 4th-generation Moto G as well as the upcoming Moto X.

Divulging into details of the leaks, Moto X could present some kind of smart connector. This would make available a series of modular “cases” which would get to the upcoming flagship. In the Lenovo conference to come by June, we expect Some or all of these devices could be announced!

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