Gboard said to come to Android soon; in the meantime, try this…

If you’ve been following trends lately, you’ll know that Google released a cool keyboard for the iPhone recently called Gboard. They reportedly have plans to make an Android variant also called Gboard – so I guess the naming had nothing to do with Apple’s weird policies then. Anyways, the reason for the initial Apple debut is uncertain but it’s consoling to know they didn’t forget about their own homeboys – Android users I mean.


A plausible and possible explanation might be the fact that they were testing to see people’s reaction to the keyboard and needed more time to work on the Android version; considering that there are many more variables to consider – screen sizes being the dominant one. According to Bri Connely, Google is currently working “on the best way to bring the same functionality to Android”.

If you cannot wait for Google to release the Android Gboard – which in my opinion they should have done first; there is an alternative called Slash. It does more or less the same thing Gboard does minus the updates Google gave it’s keyboard recently.



Like hub keyboard and Gboard, it lets you add contacts right into the text field. Plus, it lets you add addresses, GIFs, Videos etc just like Gboard. It even looks like the official Google Keyboard.


It doesn’t support word glide or swipe etc – that might be a deal breaker for some. For those of you that do not mind, well, this might be the keyboard for you.

When these other inputs come up, it replaces the predictions and that is in a way; kinda intrusive. Apart from these, it’s a pretty solid keyboard. 

If you want to give slash a shot, go ahead and download the apk here. What do you think of Slash? Really cool or meh?

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