Samsung Galaxy A8 getting prettier with Marshmallow update

After going through the process of seeding Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update to every of its flagship devices which had their release in the timeline of last two years, Samsung is undertaking the generous expedition of extending these updates to every eligible lower-end devices. As such, Samsung is planning to bless The Galaxy A8 device is expected bless with the firmware update soonest probably in less than two weeks.

Samsung Galaxy A8 getting prettier with Marshmallow update

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has of late earned Wi-Fi Certification as well as approval; which endorses it to operate the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. In the modus operandi, when a device gets Wi-Fi Certification as much as a go-ahead approval for a firmware upgrade, such upgrades usually come within a week all conditions being normal.

So when this upgrade is finally realized on Galaxy A8, users of the device would be able to have a taste of a list of features running across Doze, Runtime Permissions, Now on Tap as well as Google Now on Tap.

It is high on expectations that Samsung rolls out the fresh firmware to some of its existing devices. Examples of the aforementioned is the Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy J3 (2016), Galaxy A7 (2016)…the list runs on. With the Galaxy A8, Galaxy Alpha, and A7 expecting their firmware update soonest equally.

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