Microsoft promising soonest fingerprint scanners support for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is making arrangements to bring in compatibility for fingerprint readers as to the Windows 10 mobile. This which could be realized before December would mark the first time Microsoft is making such move on its windows 10 mobile.

 Microsoft promising soonest fingerprint scanners support for Windows 10 Mobile

As we all know, the Windows 10 Mobile is a mobile operating system which was designed by Microsoft. It happens to be an iteration of the Windows Phone product line as been that next in line to take over from the Windows Phone 8.1

Previously, we have seen features like facial recognition courtesy of Windows Hello, but features like unlocking Windows phones by means of just a a fingerprint has not really been introduced on board by December. Microsoft has made revelations at its WinHEC conference this week concerning its move to roll out support fingerprint scanners with the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile.

We can’t say for certain how many Windows phone makers would rather make a push for fingerprint scanners. The first to provide support off or this functionality in the line of phone makers will be HP’s Elite x3.

Microsoft has noted that some Windows phone OEMs are not practically lacking the experience of enjoying fingerprint scanners from Synaptics and FPC just that fingerprint scanners might come with the demands of additional work to integrate into the Windows Hello functionality. As of now, Microsoft is testing its Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We expect the company to release it for both mobile and desktop maybe before we run out of July.

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