We in Naija will soon be able to hail an Uber right from Google Search

Uber is changing everything. It is becoming more apparent that our normal bus stop lagos life is coming to an end. You can get a cab from your toilet seat. All thanks to Uber. Me I’m tired of spending my allowee buying perfume because of the sweating bodies I rub with in public transport; worse even when we hit a pot hole and clatter against each other. I’m so rooting for Uber since I can’t buy rice and a good car at the same time.

We in Naija will soon be able to hail an Uber right from Google Search

Some time at the beginning of this year, Google had put forward a ride hailing tab in Google Maps. With that service, you could quickly make comparisons as to which is faster between driving, public transport, or getting an Uber is faster. The biggest development on this now is that Google is transferring this functionality to a more conspicuous and easily noticeable position – it will now be straight on our search results.

For example when it comes to Nigeria, all you need do is search for something like “taxi to Murtala Mohammed airport” or “directions to Murtala Mohammed airport” and the normal Maps card will be spiced with Uber buttons.

As at now, this feature is being tested in Netherlands and India. But when it comes to Nigeria, you will require the specific app installed (this could be Uber or Ola). Another way round this is Google Search offering you a link to the installation the app.


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