Hurray: You can now enjoy drawing and writing on Whatsapp photos and videos on iOS

Technology has so polished our civilization. We have been scientific magicians who have challenged our mortality with our intellect. The success stories of WhatsApp, Snapchat etc have shown that man has his mini-omnipresence and can see or connect with any person in the world. You no longer need to post a letter to your father by January to tell him of what you need by December as you known he may be seeing letter by October. You just need to WhatsApp him today.

Hurray: You can now enjoy drawing and writing on Whatsapp photos and videos on iOS

WhatsApp boasts over a billion users. But this is not the peak of achievement the owners are aiming at. WhatsApp is not technologically redundant; it is ever hot. One update after the other. The latest one coming now to the iOS is an extension of what its Android colleague had enjoyed earlier.

Some time at the beginning of this month, WhatsApp officially announced an update to its Android app. These updates rolled in a number of features also including the ability to write as well as draw on videos and photos which users can share, even including emoji. So we across these changes are also now migrating to the iOS platform.

“Now you can draw or add text and emojis to photos and videos,” the change-log for the iOS update says. “You can pick a brush size or font style by dragging left on the color selector. When drawing, you can also pick from two special brushes: the pixelate and color remover brushes (requires iPhone 5s+ and iOS 9+).”

As much as these changes present, the updated app now allows group admins give invitation to people to join their group via ordinary link sharing. Pertaining to this, the app presents a fresh “Group Invite Link” option appearing under group info.


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