Pandora ups its game, rolls in some fresh changes

The days when we walked with radios big enough to use as a wardrobe are gone. Our great grand parents will struggle with the modern reality that their transistor radios are no longer the electronic ID of the happening people. Today, internet is sucking up our lovely antiques into digital abyss, and even churning the happening into antiquities.

Pandora ups its game, rolls in some fresh changes

We are all acquainted with Pandora. Pandora is popularly one of the biggest global internet radio app. Pandora now has undergone some metamorphosis largely in course of 2015. We saw a complete redesign of the Android app that established Pandora into the modern era. We also saw the Pandora Plus monthly subscription which came with unrestricted repeated skips and repeats as well as being available for listeners offline.

Pandora is not done yet, and it is taking the services some miles up the internet radio sphere. You well know the dark blue serif P icon which Pandora is famously associated with. Now, Pandora is parting ways with it. Its replacement will be fresh and exciting filled blue P with a kind of more recent typeface. We also now have a fresh full “pandora” logo in company of the changes. There are talks raging on some “dynamic range of sound and color, that kind of physically paints the vigor and enthusiasm artists really fry their music with.

According to Pandora, this innovative brand is “composed of form, color and pattern,” as you very clearly catch a picture of the multiplicity of colorful and in a vein some psychedelic logos as you can see in the first image in this post. From what we have seen so far , the only new things that have come on board appears to be the blue icon which is already rocking the app on the Play Store. We have not really heard much as to if these other logos will equally appear up on the Pandora site or in the app as you can hear a wide variety of genres of music.

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