Apple could stun us with new MacBooks this month

We are having reports from Japan, drawing down to a Chinese source indicating the solid possibility of the MacBook lineup we are looking forward to – even dropping this month. From what we are seeing this new MacBook Pro lineup could possibly be unveiled by the end of this month. We are expecting the new line up to be complete replacement of the already existing MacBook Pro.

Apple could stun us with new MacBooks this month

Truth be said, the MacBook Pro we have now is in dire need of being refreshed, it is somewhat outdated. The fresh MacBooks we are expecting could be parting ways with any standard USB-A ports. Thus we no longer will be having the ugly restrictions of the Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C . It could be even necessary to start gathering up those adapters, as we feel their cost could spiral up with the announcement of the fresh MacBooks.

From what we are seeing, the report drags attention to arrangements been put on ground by Apple to stop production of the 11-inch MacBook Air. The reason we suspect is that a fresh product will be taking over in the likeness of the iPad Pro. Although this reports don’t strongly suggest the reason being the company planning to put more productive emphasis on the 13-inch Air model.

So if these reports reaching us are true, we could be expecting the fresh MacBook Pros, latest by the end of this month. The new Pro models could sport features like an innovative OLED touch panel which has the capacity of taking on several functions pertaining to what application it is running. We could also see the addition of a Touch ID.

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