Check out the lovely features Samsung Chromebook Pro presents; it also has a stylus pen!

Right from the time Google had unveiled that Play Store and Android apps will be rolled out to Chromebooks, a number of have been sincerely looking forward to having their most preferred Android apps on a desktop platform. In that dimension, we were heavily expecting Samsung to announce a fresh Chromebook, and now Samsung has satisfied our yearnings with the Samsung Chromebook Pro.

Check out the lovely features Samsung Chromebook Pro presents; it also has a stylus pen!

A promotional page, had surfaced showing the Chromebook Pro and its features. From what we are seeing the Chromebook Pro will have a four Cortex-A53 cores, Hexa-core Rockchip processor as well as two Cortex-A72 cores. The Chromebook Pro would come with 4GB RAM, as well as a 2K (2400×1600) featuring a 360° hinge and a 12.3-inch display . Most presumably, the Chromebook Pro will be designed from aluminium. This mouthwatering device has a weight of 1.08kg, coming with a thickness of 13.9mm. One distinct feature which I feel will strike many people is that the Chromebook Pro comes with a kind of digital pen, well dedicated to the task of writing on the screen. This is a very new development in the Chromebook family.

The Chromebook Pro will also roll in features like two USB-C ports. From what we are hearing, the battery life of this Chromebook will be somewhere around 10 hours of battery life. The storage will be 32GB. The implication of the ARM processor could be that Android apps works smoothly here without hitches- this is something we greatly commend. You can pre-order the Samsung Chromebook Pro on Adorama. We can’t say when it will be officially available.

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