Facebook is rolling in support for casting videos from your desktop or phone

For some time even years now, we have been treated to the reality of Google’s casting platform. Well Facebook has been going on like it is the least bothered by what Google is doing all the while with its casting platform.

Well the Facebook and the Zuckerberg we know will not really let this go on for eternity. Some time at the beginning of this year, Facebook had begun testing the casting platform.And now Facebook is officially announcing official support for its casting videos. So you can now do your casting of videos from your desktop or phone. Though what Facebook is bringing on is quite different from what Google has gotten you acquainted to.

So if you want to cast a video on this Facebook, you will have to tap the TV buttons. Did you see it, it is appearing in the corner of the video frame. Facebook is desisting from using standard Cast icon. Well, I can say this feature is also compatible with Apple TV as well as any AirPlay devices. So when you play a video on your TV, you now have the functionality on Facebook of going back to the feed and then push on with your browsing.

For now, you have the feature available on iOS as well as even on the desktop site. According to Facebook, this feature will soon go on Android app “soon.” Well we can’t definitely say when is this “soon”. Well in no distant time, you could see casting pop up!

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