Just too sad: No one wants to buy Twitter

Twitter seems to be going through a lot present. It is a confident reality that we don’t really know where Twitter is heading to. We all know Twitter is up for sale, but then the giant companies are reluctant to buy Twitter, and man Twitter’s cockpit piloting the crashing social media up up soaring in to the glorious prosperous skies.

Just too sad: No one wants to buy Twitter

One of the major company we knew to have been in the forefront to the acquisition of Twitter is Salesforce. But then things have spiraled down for Twitter as Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff confirmed to the Financial Times that Salesforce has “walked away” from tabling an official bid to acquire it.

If you have been following the drama, almost everyone we listed back then to have shown interest in acquiring Twitter, a fatter fraction had pulled back their interest. The likes of Google not even Disney still nurture plans to place a bid for Twitter. According to Recode, Apple is probably leaving the team of potential buyers. Previously we saw Verizon deny speculation that it was looking to place a bid for Twitter.

Facebook is even becoming the least to be interested again and then Microsoft seems to be focusing more emphasis on its status as an enterprise-centred company.

It is really terrible. I for one know that Twitter is yet attractive; I don’t see why buyers are backing out. I really prefer if this failing trend in the acquisition puts sufficient pressure on Twitter to try brainstorm and discern a means out to re-attract user growth, which has gradually ranged between “stalled” to “slow” over the last twelve month. Also there has been significant reduction in the pace of growth of Twitter’s revenue. We can’t really say if its strategy of adopting live video has really improved things for Twitter.

Twitter will give fresh information to investors on its earnings in about two weeks from now, which precisely is October 27th. One thing that will be trashed is the future of the ongoing acquisition talks.

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