Apple has confirmed next Thursday as event for new Macs

Reports have been flying in pointing out that Apple could hold an event by next week Thursday which corresponds with the 27th of October. One long purpose of this event we are looking at is for Apple to formally launch new Macs; this already being crucial. And now Apple is officially confirming the date just as you see with the pic below.

The “hello again” text is purely made as a reference to when we had the first Mac presenting the word “hello”; this was far back in 1984. But then there is not much to be said as to of this event is going to be as glamorous as that one we had far back 1984.

There have been solid indications that the fresh MacBook Pro would bring in a touch-enabled OLED strip appearing this time above the keyboard. This we expect to be a candid replacement of the function keys. There could also be the Touch ID fingerprint recognition which was designed into the power button, and a strong marriage with USB Type-C ports. And then more importantly, we are expecting some general spices to the design of the Mac which is already losing its flair to redundancy over the years.

There is also the possibility that the MacBook Air and the iMac may be enjoying updates too. The MacBook Air more precisely could be chopped down to the smaller 11-inch model. It is possible to for Apple to unveil new iPads at this event, but that this is not a something we are strongly expecting as there have been almost no leaks pertaining to Apple tablets.

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