Tutorial: How can I Stop iTunes From Launching When I Open App Store Pages In Safari

It is true that Apple’s macOS ranks as one of the world’s most streamlined default browser. Yet it also unfortunately ranks as the most bloated default music player globally too. One way or the other either the macOS launches the music player or the music player launches the macOS. Buy we at JustNaira believe you should have your devices to yourself, giving all the orders that your devices carry out so you stop iTunes from being launched automatically by Safari.

To stop iTunes from being launched automatically by Safari, we will be talking about a No More iTunes free extension for Safari that ceases the ugly habit of iTunes loading automatically once you happen to open a page on your App Store. Why we actually prefer it is that it is really easy to install, and it has an excellent functionality.

So to begin the procedure, you will have to proceed to the No More iTunes page. There you can click on the download button.

There you will come across the extension in your downloads folder. It is in the form of a .safariextz file.

So you will have to open the file to proceed on its installation. There you will be asked to trust the extension.

Okay, now Click “Trust”, then you’re done: the extension begins its installation process after which it gets running. So proceed on to open up any App Store listing. Sure happiness would creep into you when you see that iTunes will not launch automatically. This way you can enjoy the screenshots and the bout of other information; and it wouldn’t open a wholly different program.

Yet if you choose to launch iTunes, it is yet possible. There is a bar appearing across the top of the window, this gives you the opportunity to simply launch iTunes. It is also possible to click the blue “View In iTunes” button appearing below the app’s icon. With you, you can enjoy the complete review collection as well as any other info of your choice.

When you are through pertaining to that, you have the option of stopping your Play/Pause key from launching iTunes. At this point, you are surely relieved as you will not be seeing that bloated app again.

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