From November 30th. HTC Android web browser will be no more

Not every every soup with a mouthwatering aroma ends up a great dish. Some experiments die in the laboratory as a foetus of the mind of the experimentalist but not matured enough to be borne into a discovery. This is the case of the HTC browser, it was not really borne into a popular browser, yet its demise is now so imminent.

From November 30th.  HTC Android web browser will be no more

One sad thing about this HTC’s web browser soon to be a tech obituary is that it will not really be much missed. HTC had made dedicated attempts to stamp this browser into our browsing culture, pushing it on phones for a number a sound number of years. And now HTC is throwing down the towel accepting defeat in its decision to stop supporting the browser app, which we had known as HTC Internet. Thus from November 30th, we will no longer be having it on the store.

In the case where you actually make use of this HTC browser, which is a basically a fork of the infamous AOSP browser, it is best for you to get the latest update. This version well gives you the opportunity to export your bookmarks for use in a wholly different browser. The sad news however is that we will not be having any more updates to the HTC browser by December, most especially, it will be leaving the Store.

If for instance, you are in possession of the app on your HTC phone, you have the option of still using it. Though it is not the best as with the browser, you will lack support for any new security patches updates or web technologies. From our experiences, we can say a better browser for you is the Firefox or say Chrome, there for sure you will be having updates.

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