Review: Which Android Keyboard is best for you at GIFs and other extensions

Basically it is an amazing feeling when your phone’s keyboard connects fluently with you. It marries you to your phone. It is likely the phone hears your thoughts and perfectly interprets them accurately in your emails, texts as well as other messages. In this light you will fully grasp the pain of typing on a small keyboard. Thus the suiting keyboard for you really makes things much more easier. But then your choice of your keyboard should particularly depend on what you are looking for. In most cases, the Google keyboard is the general choice. But in this exposition, you will be prescribing the Fleksy as the best keyboard for GIFs.

Well it is true that most people on their Android are not really acquainted with Fleksy. Well this is forgivable given that this keyboard is really recent. But hey, no understatement, this Fleksy ( is madly powerful, really fast, boasting a superb-accurate autocorrect engine, as well as oiling the keyboard more appetizingly with other captivating features that really rare among its keyboard contemporaries.

One big reason why you should consider this keyboard is its powerful autocorrect engine.Another reason why you definitely need to try this keyboard is its GIFs abilities most especially for its capacity to add them straight from the keyboard. Yes o people, GIFs Yeah. In the case where you have a habit like I do of talking with hilariously-accurate animated images, you should definitely give this keyboard a shot.

This is not everything to Fleksy either, this keyboard happens to be the sole keyboard we know of using an extension system. Pertaining to these inbuilt extensions, you gain the lovely capacity to even launch apps straight from the keyboard. You could without delay edit text, as well as even adding text shortcuts, and much more.

Just like SwiftKey, using Fleksy comes at no cost. use, but also comprises in-app purchases or themes. But then the essential core features of Fleksy is big time free.

Well one thing that makes Android really unique is giving you the space to choose. You could choose through custom skins, through software as well as many other things. Well your choice of keyboard is pretty peculiar and not really a general option, thus you should choose the right Keyboard that best suits you. It could be the normal Google keyboard, the Swifkey or this Fleksy.


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