Have you noticed that Instagram Stories is showing in Explore tab

Instagram for sure has a “giraffe” neck that can copy a lot. So far Instagram has shown it is not reluctant to pluck a leaf from any of its contemporary; especially emulating some of the great moves of other social media platforms. One of its major victims of this sort of technological plagiarism is Snapchat. It is like Instagram and Snapchat share a face-me-I-face-you apartment as anything Snapchat cooks that is scenting well to its users, Instagram quickly rushes to its kitchen cooking something similar.

Have you noticed that Instagram Stories is showing Explore tab

One of those major copying was back in August,when Instagram launched Stories which was more of a carbon copy of Snapchat closely related functionality. Ever since that time, we have gained the features however loveably on Instagram to see Stories from the people you are already following appearing in the top area of your Home tab.

Then we asked the question, what if I want to discover other people’s Stories as well? The answer is no longer far-fetched as we have noticed that Stories has started featuring in Instagram’s Explore tab also. This is in company of videos and pictures which aren’t components of a Story (and from the beginning is already existing there). The implication of this is that Instagram’s algorithms will more than suggest people for you taking a clue from your interests, it will also suggest people to you based on Stories.

We have learnt that more than 100 million people visit the Explore tab on a daily basis already. We are guessing that more people will check out your Stories from this now on. This means that your audience on Instagram deploying this feature ceases to be just those who are following you.

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