Do You Know The Google Pixel Can Survive Sixty Minutes Under Water?

The Google Pixel along with the iPhone 7 have been making the headlines for sometime now. Google has barely spared any effort to buy us into the Pixel love affair as it has been massively promoting the Pixel. But for some of us, phone lovers, Google doesn’t need to show us a marketing video of the Pope reading his bible from the Pixel before we unzip our purse and buy it.

Do You Know The Google Pixel Can Survive Sixty Minutes Under Water?

And for some of us who bought, we could have found ourselves at the disappointment that quite contrary to the the trend of modern smartphones, the Google Pixel was not presented with a water resistance rating which permits it to safely stay under water. This is because it only has an IP53 rating. The implication of this is that it has the power to stay unhurt technically from light sprays of water.

So far from our experience,me have come to discover that these ratings are not always very correct. An example was the iPhone 7, officially the iPhone 7 is rated to last 30 minutes under water; but then it went on to last sixty minutes under water. Who knows, you could you can push your luck quite a distance with smartphones only that caution is emphatic.

The Pixel here have which doesn’t have such rating at least even lasted a full hour submerged in a bowl of water. This could sound lightly, as the practical reality is that a bowl of water may not have enough water pressure to hurt a smartphone noticeably but hey, this Pixel in the first place is an IP53 device. It basically has no rating for any sort of submersion. Thus we have no option but to commend the Pixel for this.

If there was anything we noticed from submerging the Google Pixel, it was that the speaker had lost a good portion of its output. Though we can’t specify at what precise point in course of the submersion that the speaker got affected.

Thus at the end of everything, you have the confidence that the worst accident you can suffer is a blown speaker if your Google Pixel falls in water. That is in the case of a bowl of water.

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