THUNDER: Pokemon Go jumps to record $600 million revenue mark in just three months

The game Pokemon was a big craze, there have been few games that were given such magnanimous reception. There were cases of a driver running into pedestrians while playing Pokemon go behind the wheels. The global hunt for the Pokemon was ecstatic and even despite the game not been officially launched in Nigeria, some Lagosians were already enjoying it.

Fast forward to the present, it is true the rave about the game is dying as growth seem to be winding down in pace. But then this doesn’t mean the game Pokemon is very close to its coffins yet. The game in its very right is still breaking some records now. The latest record the game has broken has been confirmed by the reputable market research firm App Annie which revealed that Pokemon Go has ascended to the position of fastest game to skyrocket to $600 million in revenues.

Going by this data published by the firm, the game had jumped up to this milestone in just 3 months. This greatly beats other very famous games in the likes of popular games like Puzzle & Dragons, Candy Crush Saga, and Clash of Clans which take took 400, 200 and 500 days, respectively, in reaching this same gargantuan revenue figure.

Th data released by the firm also confirmed that over 43% of the accumulated time exhausted on Android games in the US in Q3 for the year 2016 was spent playing Pokemon Go.

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