Tutorial: How can I share apps in Google Play

It is an undoubted truth that Google Play has an exhausting number of apps in the store, so finding the right ones become problematic. But now, how are you going to see the right one; how do you find the right ones?

How to share apps in Google Play

Not all the apps we get from the shore come from Search. For me, most of the apps I have gotten come from my friends or even from strangers, most particularly I get apps from the store on the recommendation of people’s opinions. This is almost the general case, many people get apps from the feedback they have gotten from others. For this reason, you are always seeing those little pop-ups when using some apps (annoying to me) requesting you to rate it. But then it is only nice sharing nice apps, and not too undeserved rating bad apps harshly too.

So in this guide we will present you the procedures of sharing apps from Google Play

Okay, let us take it that you have come across one lovely app you intend recommending for a friend.It could be you desire to have a video chat with your sister but unfortunately she hasn’t installed Skype or Duo in their device. But then, you must not necessarily tell them to go look for it themselves, you could simply share a link to the app straight in Google Play.

How can you do this?

To begin with you will have to tap on the Google Play icon appearing on your home screen.
From there you will now swipe in from the left edge of the screen. Another way round this is tapping the three-line menu icon appearing in the top white bar so as to open the menu.

From there, you can tap My apps & games.

How to share apps in Google Play

After that, you can swipe up so as to scroll down the list of Installed apps.
If you wish to share the app, just tap on it.

Swipe up if you want to scroll down past the app listing, past the reviews and rating.

How to share apps in Google Play

Okay, you can then tap the Share button.
Click so as to choose the particular service via which you desire to share your app’s link.

How to share apps in Google Play

Most times, I use Twitter. So you can now share the link.


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