Hurray People: We will soonest be able to make video calls on WhatsApp Android

From what we are seeing, new beta versions of WhatsApp’s Android app now presents a much yearned feature: Video calls.

Hurray People: We will soonest be able to make video calls on WhatsApp Android

This is not hard at all in these beta versions. All you need do is pull up a contact in the app, after which you can tap the call button choosing ‘Video call’. This works very well when your chat partner is also using the version of WhatsApp which is compatible with the video small feature. Very well, you will see that this video feature shares good resemblance with a FaceTime call. In the case where the person you want to call is not using the version that is compatible with the video call feature, you will receive notifications that your contact has to get the updated version of the app.

From what are seeing, the call quality is really cool. Although sometimes we saw stuff like it was lagging on a supposedly fast Wi-Fi network. Certainly, we are looking forward to WhatsApp combating and arresting this deficiency as WhatsApp has been clamouring for feedbacks from those of us who have used the video calls. Thus we are also confident that when WhatsApp officially rolls the video feature out officially, this will be duly corrected.

Already, WhatsApp boasts over a billion users, we can say WhatsApp is not planning on taking it easy on Google’s single-purpose app Duo, which is just dedicated to video calls for now.

More practically, WhatsApp a prodigy of Facebook, has been recording rotund improvement across the previous months. We have been seeing features like user tags in group chats, as well as WhatsApp rolling in the feature to draw and add stickers to images just in the same way Snapchat does.

Thumbs up to WhatsApp’s sincere efforts at hitting perfection; although perfection never exists.

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