Apple is confirming our predictions as it beefs the next MacBook Pro with Touch ID and OLED strip

In just some very a day from now, Apple will be holding its official event. If you remember we had said here that we greatly suspect in this event, Apple could at last refresh the MacBook Pro line of laptops- something which is so screaming for a change. We even went a prophetic distance in revealing some of the features we could see in the new lines of the MacBook. And from what we are seeing from the official leaks Apple is releasing (which is rather strange), it is a confirmation of what we had predicted. Now let us look at them proper.

Rather concealed inside the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 version (which has been going round of late),we came across two images showing the MacBook Pro that Apple would be stunning us with. This is not all that is to it! Confirming the famous rumours, we saw the OLED strip well resplendent above of number keys (row). This is to be a replacement to the function keys. On the basis of the context, this will perform a variety of functions. But then we can’t forget to say it is at least touch-sensitive.

The new MacBook has a delicious cream to it. Well you can say it is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. For instance if you wish to carry out a confirmation of Apple Pay transaction, all you need do is position your finger at the far right end of the strip, and it does it perfectly.

Well it is justified if this OLED touch panel is eventually tagged the Magic Toolbar. For one thing, Apple likes this magical tone to its stuff having been repeatedly associated with the word “magic”. Well we can say there were tremendous differences in the general design of the new MacBook Pro as compared to previous models, this is quite a let down on the expectant lot. But dragging from the 13-inch model we saw in those images, it is therefore possible the new MacBook will get speakers appearing at the sides of the keyboard as depicted. There is a new touch to the hinge too, so you see the truth in previous rumors which claimed that the upcoming MacBook Pro generation will shed a lot of thickness.

Truth be said, the keys appear flatter than on previous MacBooks as it is possible Apple could choose to deploy the new butterfly mechanism we first saw in the 12-inch MacBook. In exception of the two MacBook Pros (15″ and 13″ versions), we strongly expect a fresh 13″ MacBook Air tomorrow!

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