6 Reasons Why Your Blog Posts Stink

Blogging is no easy job. Entertaining an inquisitive and often non-tolerant audience could borrow white hairs you never planned for. It could be so demanding that despite been a powerful writer, you could find it difficult to spell bed as it has been long you used it. That is why it is no news that most bloggers are Nescafe ambassadors- they don’t sleep well as they try to make produce an adhesive ink that would glue visitors to their content.


But then all these could be as harsh as evangelizing in ‘Borno’ when you don’t have the right content. Let us take an objective look at some of these loop holes that some writers are yet to tar in their websites.

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  1. You Blog Posts are Irrelevant: Your content must match user purpose. Every content in the blog must be one extra paddle in steering visitors to your site. That means you need to become landlords of your niche with well directed consistency, so that visitors know that your site is one reliable internet supermarket where they could reliably and unfailingly go shopping for information. That is to say, your blog is one loud prescription when users need a sound, quick purposed browsing medication. As such your blog must be USEFUL too! In this same vein, your posts should be MEANINGFUL. Your posts should know that secret tunnel to your users’ hearts so when browsing your blog, the user need too many padlocks to keep lock his emotions within. Yes, your posts must MEANINGFULLY connect to even that remote corner of your audience’s hearts!

  2. Your Blog Posts are not Entertaining: Your blog should as much as possible be a first aid relief box for your users. Sure it should be an online Miami where users could stroll into to observe a holiday from duty. As much as it is relevant to the blog, your posts should be “word bandages”., healing and alleviating. If users could get educated and then get some fun as bonus, then it is nice doing business with you and is likely to come back. This is to say your blog posts must also be INTERESTING. You need a little “alcoholic” spices in your posts to get your users sedated and eventually addicted to your blog. This is a no magic hypnosis, that the users finds himself always clicking read more against his self discipline!

  3. Your Blog Posts Lack Trust: There is nothing like fictional news. As much as you try to stretch the imaginations of your visitors, you should not jump the fence of truth A user could vow at Okija Shrine for the authenticity of your posts. Readers wouldn’t not be coming to your site when they find unnecessarily that what they read from your site have been too boiled that the loses its nutrient of truth. This is to say your blog must be RESPECTABLE so that users know that your blog is never an oven for baking lies!

  4. Your Blog Posts are not Sharable: You should make sure there are transport vehicles in your blog that could drive your posts far enough. Sharing icons like Linkledn, Facebook, Twitter are very nice additions. This is publicity for your blog as people get to share your posts wide across.

  5. Your Blog Posts are not Debatable: You shouldn’t operate a military website where you only hope to impose opinions on your users. No make sure it is democratic enough to be a wide free table where everyone could bring his ideas. This works when you leave your opinion questions open ended, with a question mark. There should be no strict “bouncers” on your site as you should allow everyone to the party to discuss as well as comment.

  6. You Churn-out Low Quality Posts: This is the least expected of you. Your posts should be well grammatically cultivated showing a lovely matrimony with English language.

Your turn……. What do you think makes blog posts stink? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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