Google Opens Classroom Tool for Teachers Worldwide

Google’s Classroom is a tool that aims to make it easier for teachers to stay in touch with their students and to give them assignments and feedback.

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As we all know education is the best security outfit our society has. A finger delighted with the pen will be less excited with a trigger. That is why it could be said that books are the best preservatives for the mind, as ink (books) is one of the most powerful mental refrigerants! This is why technology has found a palace in our schools. This is because in this modern world, the biggest libraries are in the internet, making our students pillars of our civilization.

Google hasn’t relented in pursuing this vision of making sure our classrooms aren’t barracks with exerting physical exercises but more electronic and exciting as well. The latest electronic perfume they have given education is the new Classroom Tool for teachers.

This tool which is now available globally to all teachers (which was unveiled in May) combines Gmail, Google Drives as well as Doc into one perfect meal which enables teachers as well as students to exchanges works or assignments online making a delicious off-class interaction.

This Classroom tool which is part of the Education Suite Google Apps, integrates the Google School, encourages teachers to gather their assignment as well as maintaining student details including keeping tabs on students assignment response; creating individual Drive folders. This development allows student to connect to other students by posting to a “stream” of content.

One spicy detail of this Classroom Tool is that student privacy is respected as there is neither advertisement nor marketing on this toolkit. The pilot exercise was very encouraging as over 100,000 teachers signed up for the maiden phase. Google Classroom Product Manager Zach Yeskel reports the design accommodates all Google Apps for schools. The initiative is to “spend more time teaching and less time shuffling papers,” according to Yeskel.

Modifications were consequently made from feedback from the preview exercise. On the request of teachers, Google made an “About” addition to enable give expository details for their classes on each course.

Teachers could attach files when making assignments from the Google Drive including features like Excel, Word, Docs; duplicating copies automatically for each student. The Classroom Tool is available in 42 languages even to mobile users. One of the pioneer schools to adopt this innovation is Fontbonne Hall Academy in Brooklyn, New York. According to veteran teacher who has been on the chalkboard for 60 years, Sister Rosemarie DeLoro, the tool is very enhancing, saving the teacher drowning buckets of sweat. “You can’t stay in teaching and keep going to the old ways”, she marveled.

Classroom is only available to those who have a free Apps for Education account. To get that, you need to be working at an educational organization and sign up with your work email address.

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