Google’s Safe Browsing Protect Against Deceptive Software

Google’s Safe Browsing service now protects from malicious websites and warns about malicious downloads in Chrome.


The internet as we all know is very competitive, trying to get customers to your online stall could be a heck of work based on the fat catalogue of options on the visitor’s list. Especially when you expect your visitors to taste a slice of your software, even when they don’t have an appetite for it. This has led to some persons “hiding knives in bibles”, hiding deceptive software behind appealing costumes hoping to sneak it in the cart the user shops with. Deceptive software could really be appalling as they are ill-mannered enough to make changes to your browser and even arrogantly your operating system.

Google has taken up the police uniforms to help us apprehend this juvenile merchants who sell bugs in attractive parcels. With the new Google Chrome safe browsing extension, there is now a lovely security tool. This development alerts you when you veer into the woods browsing through plishing sites and “malware- landmine” sites. Then it is your decision to eat the advice and quit or spit it out.

Google will show a warning in Chrome whenever an attempt is made to trick you into downloading and installing such software. (If you still wish to proceed despite the warning, you can access it from your Downloads list.)


According to its official reports, every week, Google disburses about three million Safe Browsing warnings; protecting 1.1 billion people in total, including all Google Chrome users as well as all other software using the Safe Browsing API.

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