Awesome Websites to Look at When Bored

Sometimes we could just get bored. At some moments in life, the fun leaks out of our daily schedule, then we could need a prescription of some dozes of laughter, some pints of fun to increase our emotional immunity to life’s conditions.


There are a couple of websites to do this. Actually the city is a congested online city and locating the right content could be as hard as Naija politicians making heaven. Anyway when short on time, and there is need to catch some gallons of refreshment, you could try the following websites.

1. The Oatmeal

This is a Matthew Inman production. This lovely fellow is also regarded as the Oatmeal. contains juicy bags of humor. He represents popular reality with a comic extent. Surely, you should browse through this site only in the hospital because, you would be needing surgery for ribs cracked with laughter!

2. Hyperbole and Half

This blog is very distinct for its painting features. It might necessarily not present all the conventional blog features but is a very far thought of the box. This box is creatively special for what it does best. Preaching it humor with colours.

3. Cracked

This is by their slogan a leading American Humor site since 1958! They are very much up to date and with a big inventory of contributing writers who touch movies as well as tech. They are surely worth your data!

4. Buzz Feed

Buzz is a very hospital website, this is a very versatile website where you get most things you want ranging from science info to movies and a wide list of others. They are all on the buzz feed menu and you could have your fill of online nourishment!

5. Fail Blog

Here we go again. This blog which is a ‘I Can Has Cheezburger’ network affiliate, is one elder in the blogging community as it was there when the internet was still a scanty electronic village. The site provides edible videos and pictures you would love to check out. All photos on the website are incorporated with a fail caption. Actually you shouldn’t fail to check out the Fail Blog.

All these website could help you take a stroll of duty and get some refreshing syringes pouring down relief into your system. Check them out!

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