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The world is changing. Change is nature’s chief cook and since change has been toasting history. If you had told someone back in the 1920s that someone in Ogbomosho will hear the voice of someone in the United Kingdom, they would have told you the Devil was your apprentice when it comes to lies. Similarly if you still tell someone now that come sometime, there will be almost no rush hour and the traffic in Third Mainland Bridge would greatly reduce, they will ask you if your brains have NAFDAC number- if your brain is authentic and functional.

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Yet, this is true. This will be made possible through work from home opportunities springing up. It has become possible to have your office in your bathroom, or make millions working from a toilet seat. You could choose to wear that lovely Agbada working at home which you know if you wear to the office could get your employer think he is paying you too much. Everything is going digital and perhaps soon the Police would start working from hope. But for sure some officers would protest due to the job allowances they receive at roadblocks.

Now getting serious, how can you effectively work from home, how can you maintain your professional stamina at home, how can you make your home fertile enough to harvest your professional goals, how can you lie to yourself that you are in the office when you are at home and put on an office attitude, how can you work from home without your home (family) walking from you??

Well, many persons would not opt for the idea of working from home because most times they end up taking a holiday with their pillows for yatch, singing an album of snores as they end up spending their time without getting the efficiency required of them. But then working from requires a great deal of discipline and self-control. Your default is a troubling adolescent and you must parent it properly. Your desires should be kept off the legislative arm of your person, so that your reason not desires makes the laws you abide by. You off course need a six-packs very masculine will power to be able to work effectively from home. You should not be democratic with yourself, don’t allow every opinion to count. This way, you can work from home without been stuck on TV, kidnapped in the kitchen keeping your enzymes working harder than you (eating too much) or not been stuck in normal family routine for the whole day. It will be easier to discipline and maintain your productivity from home when you first of all love what you are doing. This way, your body tends to be an ally with your goals that you need no platoon of discipline to colonise your passions.

The best way to maintain this discipline here is by keeping a timetable. Having a schedule of your time largely helps to keep track of how you spend your time. By apportioning your time proportionately between work, sports and family duties (if there be) will help you increase your productivity. This way you know particularly what you should be doing everytime, and since you have a timeline, you get a concrete vision and they well with self control you could realize your daily targets.

Since you are working from home and not in presence of your boss particularly, you are prone to distraction. The TV seems more attractive when you have work to do. Your social media: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BBM etc, they would tempt you to give them a short during your supposedly working hours. Well, if you will your armory of willpower is not sophisticated enough to repel the firepower of these distractions, if you feel you can’t control them; then for sure you should avoid them. I don’t mean your smartphones should be quickly disposed of physically. There are apps like the SelfControl app which is a free program with which you could block your accessibility to a selected distracting website list for an interval of time. So you select those sites that form your Achilles heel, and arm it with this SelfControl app.

Another thing is that you must be professional about your job however working from home. Of course, you could do whatever you like but then every loose character is a paragraph for your dismissal later or a shred to the ticket of unemployment. You could possibly illusion your conventional office in your house. This could probably be by working in an attire, say a tie, pajamas often make you too civilian to bark orders at yourself. You could wake up in the morning, have shower, take your breakfast and put on your office attitude. You should also try to treat your work with pride. Your office wouldn’t be treated carelessly so shouldn’t your home in this regard.

Make sure to draw a thick line between work and your daily routine. This is usually helpful. These are not soluble schedules, they shouldn’t mix. You should have time created for your daily schedule and time for work with strict boundaries. If you are the family type, get space in your day for family issues say take time out with your wife and the kids. Otherwise you could chat to liven up. Possibly take a stroll, bath to refresh and maintain your work level. Avoid been bored, it is biggest embassy your desires could run to without you attacking them, and consequently distracting you. Make sure you stay invigorated and excited about the next thing in your schedule. Always know that once you allow boredom to creep in, the TV or your pillow always have their arms open ready to embrace you at the wrong time so avoid been bored while still maintaining your scheduled productivity.

Finally, in the thick of all this, make sure to stay updated with information from your workplace. Could there be there are new developments to the job that you don’t know much of. Get in touch with your remote colleagues to get informed. This way, you are at pace with the office from home. Then it should be well reminded that a lot of work from home has a lot to do with discipline. Surely without self-control, you could abuse the flexibility that comes with working from home.

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