Bill Gates, Famous College Dropout, Says Stay in School

‘Although I dropped out of college and got lucky pursuing a career in software, getting a degree is a much surer path to success’. That’s a little friendly advice from the wealthiest guy without a college degree to education skeptics.


Mr Gates has just published a blog post stating the importance of staying in school.

“Although I dropped out of college and got lucky pursuing a career in software, getting a degree is a much surer path to success,” he writes.

“College graduates are more likely to find a rewarding job, earn higher income, and even, evidence shows, live healthier lives than if they didn’t have degrees. They also bring training and skills into America’s work force, helping our economy grow and stay competitive.”

“Getting lucky” is an understatement for Gates, who dropped out of Harvard in 1975, founded Microsoft, and is now the world’s richest person, and one of the richest Americans in history.

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The post is tied to an interview Mr. Gates has done with Cheryl Hyman, the chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago, the city’s network of community colleges. During her five-year tenure, the system has started to raise its abysmally low graduation rate. One of her main pushes has been simplifying the course-selection process, so students know what courses they need to take and can enroll in them. The complexity of that process at many colleges is a bigger problem than many people realize.

The main issue isn’t getting people to go to college in the first place, it’s getting them to graduate. Gates wrote that about one-fifth of the working-age population have attended some college without earning a degree.

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The reasons for dropping out are vast, according to Gates, spanning from rising costs to lack of preparation. Many students are saddled with debt, feel overwhelmed by the system, or are simply priced out of college.

Gates reiterated his foundation’s commitment to making the college experience easier and more affordable in order to encourage students to stay in school.

Via: GatesNotes.


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