Top 10 Websites to Download Free Books Online

Download free books online for free!

Internet is almost everything now. It is the biggest yet cheapest box of information. Now you could get books without having to use your wallet. These sites provide delicious books that are also deliciously free!


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1. ReadPrint provides several thousands of free books; among the options are novels, poems, fiction, plays, essays and nonfiction. They were proudly voted one of Time magazine’s 2010 top 50 websites. In addition to this, the site’s navigation is sweat free, and there are more than 8000 free download books. The front page presents a long list of books. Louisa May Alcott, Rudyard Kipling, and Jack London are very popular top authors.

2. Here you could browse through the most popular titles, browse through some coversspecial collections, or preferably browse through some covers to see what hits you. ManyBooks provides 29,000 free ebooks and still counting in a versatile scope of categories, from Adventure to Young Readers. Users could browse through the most popular downloads, special collections and recommendations.

3. The Literature Network: This site is author alphabet order. You could click on any author’s name, viewing his biography, quizzes,related links, forums and articles. Most of the literature here is humanitarian- free; although some downloads could ask for a relatively small token of gratitude.

4. Free Computer Books: This is one place you could get any computer programming language and computer subject as well. Free books and textbooks, including detailed lecture notes, are among the nourishing options.

5. Librivox is a gasping reality for audiobook lovers. Get all the books here without a dime, which is a welcome development for those of us who have had to tearfully pay high fees for less worthy audiobooks. Librivox has many volunteers that enable the provision of admirable recordings of classic books, all free for us to download. Librivox is truly a smart choice for audiobooks

6. Authorama offers a hansome collection of HTML and XHTML language books, which fundammentally means that could be opened without stress. Most books here are in English Language, with a refreshing number of German language texts as well. Books are listed in alphabetical format by the author’s last name. Authorama presents powerful classic and current book options.

7. Project Gutenberg: This is one of the biggest homes for free books online, countingover 30,000 free downloadable ebooks presented in a broad format options. Project Gutenberg is proudly the lead website when it comes to age and possibly size on the Web, with inexhaustible number of books available for free download. The popular fraction of books at Project Gutenberg are written in English, with other languages as well. Browse through database by author name, language, title or subjects for a particular choice. There is also see where you could access what other users have downloaded.

 8. International Digital Children’s Library: Users are allowed to surf a broad list of lovely children’s literature here. Use the Simple Search to generally understand how this what format the library operates: by age, reading level, length of book, genres, and more.

9. Ebooks and Text Archives: With the Internet Archive; you have a large basket of fiction, children’s books, popular books, historical texts and academic books.

10. World Public Library: Practically, services are paid here. But with just $8.95 a year, you could reach over one hundred different languages with hundreds of thousands of books. They proudly have above one hundred different special collections including American Lit down to Western Philosophy. They is also the “Give Away Page”, which consists more than two hundred of their most popular titles, technical books, audio books and books produced into movies. There is free trial service where you have limited access and if interested, you could make the payments to get full access. You can’t miss this!

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